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What is Deakin's email message size limit?

There is a limit on the size of a single email sent or received using your Deakin email address.

Please remember, emails are sent as text, and any attached file is automatically converted to text. The total email size calculated after conversation of attachments will be larger than expected. A typical file can be up to 30 per cent larger when attached to an email.

Student email

Student email is hosted via Office 365 in the cloud - the message limits are determined by Microsoft and are likely to change, so please refer to the Message limits across Office 365 options table under Office 365 Education E1.

Staff email

The total email size is made up of the message header, the message body and any file attachments. The size limit for all email messages is:

  • Incoming email limit: 50MB
  • Outgoing email limit: 25MB

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