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How do I share a document using Office 365(OneDrive)?

  1. Open Office 365.
  2. Open OneDrive and find the document you wish to share.
  3. Under the Sharing column, click the Padlock Symbol.
  4. Click Invite people.
  5. Enter the name or email address of the person you wish to share to document with - include a personal message to the recipient if required.
  6. Click Share (You can start typing the name of a Deakin Staff Member or Student, the address book will match the name).
You will notice the sharing icon will now change from the padlock symbol to a "people" symbol, indicating that the document is now shared. 
The first time a document is shared out - an email will be sent to the recipient to advise them you have shared a document, and includes a link to take them directly to it. To access it in the future, it will appear in the "Shared with Me" area of their OneDrive.
For further information on sharing within OneDrive - please see Share documents or folders in OneDrive for Business on the Microsoft website.

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