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Restore a file deleted from your home directory using a snapshot (Windows)

For details on what a snapshot is please review the What is a snapshot? article. Files can only be restored from a snapshot if they are stored in an eSolutions provided Home Directory or File Share.

How to restore a file from a snapshot

  1. On your Windows workstation navigate to the folder inside your home directory or file share that contains the file(s) you want to restore.

    If the folder that contains the files you need has been deleted you can navigate to the parent folder (the folder that contained the folder where your files used to be).
  2. Right click on the folder that contains the deleted files and select Properties. (In the below screenshot the file(s) being restored are located inside the Service-Management folder).

  3. Under the Previous version tab you are presented with a list of available snapshots, select the snapshot with a date that is closest to - but before the time your file was deleted or lost. Click Open to open the snapshot in a new Windows Explorer window.

  4. Check the contents of the snapshot to see if it contains the file you are after. If the snapshot does not have the file you are after try opening the next oldest snapshot working backwards from when the file was deleted.
  5. Once you have located the file that was deleted copy it out of the snapshot to a safe location by right clicking on it and selecting copy, then navigating to a safe location, right clicking and selecting paste.

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