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Establishing a secure(VPN) connection to Deakin using Junos Pulse (Mac OS X)

The Pulse Secure client is pre-installed on Mac OS X Deakin desktop workstations.
Use these instructions to install the pre-configured version of the Pulse Secure client for a Mac OS X computer that is not managed by Deakin eSolutions (e.g. your personal laptop).


Installing Pulse Secure

  1. Open the Deakin Software Library.
  2. Under Connectivity tools, select Secure VPN Connection clients.
  3. Download the version of Pulse Secure that is appropriate for your computer. You may need to enter your Deakin username and password to download the installer.
  4. Launch the installer. The program will install the software and required settings - no further action is required.

Establishing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection

  1. The Pulse Secure icon will appear in the menu bar. Click on this to start a secure VPN connection.
  2. Select Deakin Secure VPN > Connect.
  3. Enter your Deakin User Name and Password.
  4. A green arrow will appear over the Pulse Secure icon when the connection is established.
  5. To disconnect, click the Pulse Secure icon, then select Deakin Secure VPN > Disconnect. This will end your secure session.

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