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How to install Papercut print service on your personal Windows computer

You can install Deakin's Managed Print Service, Papercut, on your Windows personal computer using the following instructions.


  • Please be aware, the service must be actively running on your computer for you to be able to print.
  • Before using these instructions, ensure you are connected to the Deakin network. If you are not on a Deakin campus, establish a secure connection to the Deakin network using Deakin VPN. 
  • This process could take as long as 10 minutes to complete. Please be patient.
  • You will not be able to print unless the PaperCut service is running on your computer. You will know it is running when the PaperCut icon is visible in the Windows system tray (see below). If required, you can launch it from the Start Menu.

Installing Papercut Print Service

  1. Go to Deakin Software Library
  2. Type "Papercut" into the Search box and click PaperCut Print Client in the results
  3. Select and download the PaperCut Print Client Download for Windows
  4. Enter your Deakin username and password to download the installer

  5. Run the installer and follow the prompts, accepting all default settings.
  6. Enter your Deakin username and password when prompted.

    Deakin Username with the prefix DU\ (eg. DU\jbloggs) followed by Deakin password

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