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Connecting to Wi-Fi (eduroam) on Windows 8 RT

The following guide will assist with:

Connecting to Eduroam

  1. Select Wi-Fi and connect to eduroam.
  2. Enter your ""
  3. Enter your password

If you are having trouble connecting to eduroam by following the steps above please follow the instructions below to connect using Deakin Setup.


Connecting to Eduroam using Deakin Setup

  1. Swipe in from right edge of your screen to make the Charm bar appear. Tap Settings.

    settings icon
  2. Tap the Available networks symbol.

    available networks
  3. Select the Deakin Setup network. Un-tick Connect automatically, and tap Connect.

    deakin setup prompt
  4. Open your preferred web brower and type in the address bar, press enter.
    (A web browser may automatically open and direct you to the eduroam setup page, therefore not requiring this step)

    browser address bar

  5. You will be re-directed to the Deakin University eduroam setup page, tap JoinNow.

    eduroam setup page
  6. You will be prompted to download the SecureW2_JoinNow.cmd file, tap Save, then Run.

    download the deakin setup file
  7. Tap Run when prompted with the security warning.

    security warning
  8. You will receive the message stating the wireless profile has been installed, Tap OK.

    profile installed message
  9. Tap the wireless network symbol wireless icon in the Task Bar.
  10. Tap eduroam, then Connect (check the Connect automatically box).

  11. Enter your Deakin username (enter as and Deakin Password. Tap OK.

    enter username and password


Whenever you return to a Deakin campus, your device will automatically connect to the Eduroam wireless network.

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