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Establishing a secure(VPN) connection to Deakin using Junos Pulse Secure (Windows)

Install the Pulse Secure software

  1. Go to the Deakin Software Library, under Connectivity tools select Deakin Secure VPN Connection clients.
  2. Download the Pulse Secure (Junos Pulse) client for Windows.
  3. Launch the Pulse Secure installer. The program will install the software and required settings - no further action is required.

Start the secure (VPN) connection

  1. Search the installed programs on your computer and open Pulse Secure - the Pulse Secure start up screen will be displayed.
  2. Under Connections > Deakin VPN - click Connect.

    click connect
  3. Enter your Deakin Username and Password - this will establish a secure connection to the Deakin network.

    enter username and password
  4. Close the Pulse Secure window - your connection will remain active, this just closes the window.

    click close
  5. An active connection is indicated by a green arrow over the Pulse Secure icon located in the System Tray.
    (Alternatively, hover over the Pulse Secure icon in the System Tray)

Disconnect the secure (VPN) connection

  1. To end your secure connection, double click on the Pulse Secure icon in the system tray, and click Disconnect.

    click disconnect
  2. Close the Pulse Secure window - the application will remain running.
  3. If you would like to exit the application completely, click on the Pulse Secure icon located in the System Tray and select Exit.

    click exit

If Pulse Secure does not work after a Windows update, please try re-installing it.

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