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Using Lecture Theatre IT Equipment

Using Lecture Theatre IT Equipment




This article covers how to use the functions of a Deakin Lecture Theatre.

The following equipment and functions will be found within a Deakin Lecture Theatre:


ProjectorLCD Document Camera Laptop connections Touch Panel Control
2x Projector OR 2x LCD Panel Doc Cam Laptop Connection Touch Panel Control

Lapel MicrophoneHandheld Microphone

Presentation PC

Echo Recording

Lighting Control

Wireless Microphones PC with DVD Echo Recording Lighting control


IP Phone

Hearing Augmentation


Wi-Fi IP Phone Hearing Augmentation Videoconferencing*
*Not all lecture theatres have videoconference functionality. Subsequently, the touch panel being used may not have the videoconference controls depicted in the images below.



Startup and Shutdown

Start screen

AMX Start button Starts up the system
Lights button Displays the lighting control menu (see the Lighting section in this article)
Help After pressing the help button, tap any section of the screen for information on what the buttons in that section do

Shutdown button Displays a prompt to confirm whether or not to shut down the system


Projector and LCD Display

Display options

The terms "Right Display" and "Left Display" are as viewed by the audience.
Current selections are highlighted in green.
Black overlay Make the display black without shutting down the projector
Presentation PC button Display the room’s computer
Display laptop button Display the output from the device connected to the supplied video cable
Display the Document Camera
Self View button Display the room's videoconference camera
Display the camera from other videoconference participants 
 Display the computer from other videoconference participants

Provides the below screen layout options for videoconferences

Display button Presents you with the below Displays menu, allowing you to switch either display on or off

Displays menu

Preview Monitor

Preview monitor options

Note: These buttons function as described in the Projector and LCD section, but display on the monitor on the lecture desk instead of through the projector or LCD panel.



Audio level Displays the current volume level of audio going to the room speakers and echo recorder
Grey: Too quiet
Green: Normal listening level
Yellow: Louder listening level
Red: Too loud
Blue: Recent peak level
Volume slider Sets the volume level of the speakers - glide your finger up or down the slider to adjust as required
Microphone mute Mute all microphone audio
Volume mute button Mute audio outputs (e.g. from the PC or laptop)



Displays the lighting control menu (see below)


Lighting menu

Full All lights at full brightness
Normal All lights slightly dimmed
Presentation All lights significantly dimmed except those focused on the presentation area
Low All lights significantly dimmed
Blackout All lights off


Echo Recording

All standard Echo recordings are scheduled via the timetable/room booking system and are set to record for the official 50 minute lecture time.
The display that is being recorded is highlighted red. Where dual-capture is enabled, the display that is being captured on the secondary channel is highlighted yellow

Highlights yellow when a recording is in progress. Pressing this will display current recording information.

You cannot start an adhoc recording by pressing this button.


Pause or resume the current recording. When paused, this button is highlighted yellow and all recording indicators flash.


Stop the current recording. When no recording is active, this button is highlighted yellow.

You CANNOT resume a recording after stopping it, only after pausing.

Countdown timer until the current recording finishes



Block all incoming videoconference calls
Display the videoconference call menu (below)

Display a list of videoconference contacts (Virtual Meeting Points, videoconference rooms etc) to select from
Display a keypad to manually dial in to a videoconference
Display a keyboard to manually dial in to a videoconference
  Provides navigation within the Contacts menu
Redial the last videoconference call made from this room 
Dial the selected videoconference contact or videoconference address
 Terminate the current videoconference call



Help After pressing the help button, tap any section of the screen for information on what the buttons in that section do


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