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How to configure Deakin email/calendar in Outlook (Mac)

Note: these instructions assume you have already installed Office 2016 on your Mac computer, and have an active internet connection. These instructions can also be used to configure Outlook 2011 for Mac, however this older version may look slightly different.
  1. Open Outlook by selecting Applications > Microsoft Microsoft Outlook.

  2. If this is the first time you have opened Outlook, the Welcome to Outlook window will open. Click Get Started. If prompted, choose a look and feel for Office (Colorful or Classic), then Continue.
    Click Add Account.

    • If you have previously opened Outlook, click Outlook in the menu bar and then select Preferences.

    • Select Accounts in the Outlook Preferences window.

  3. Click the Exchange Account button in the Accounts window.

  4. Enter your Exchange account information, then click Add Account.
    • Your email address:
      • Staff -
      • Student -
    • Method - User Name and Password.
    • Your User name - exactly the same as the email address you entered.
    • Your Deakin password.

  5. Change the Account Description to Deakin.

    Warning: Your computer may "hang" with the spinning pinwheel when changing the Account description - don't panic, give it a few minutes.

  6. The Accounts window can now be closed.

The configuration is now complete. Your email and other Exchange data will start downloading.


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