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Managing email with rules in Outlook 2013


Note: Rules help you manage your email messages by performing actions on messages that match a specific set of conditions.

A rule can be quickly created for any message. The advantage of this method is that rules are suggested based on the message sender or recipients.

  1. Select the Email you want to use to create your new rule for.

    Shows a selected email.
  2. From the Home Ribbon, select Rules > Create Rule.

    Highlights the Rules and Create Rule buttons.
  3. Choose the conditions you want to apply to the rule.

    Highlights the option checkboxes for the rule.
  4. Click OK.

    Highlights the OK button.
  5. Check the check box and click OK to run this rule on messages already in the current folder.

    Highlights the checkbox and the OK button.

More Information

Please refer to the Microsoft website for detailed information about using the Outlook rule templates and designing a custom rule.

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