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Video conferencing - support and training

You can search for knowledge articles and support information related to Video conference.

For any specific or customised training on Video conference or IT Master class, please email DeS eSolutions Training <>

Deakin eSolutions occasionally receives requests for a technician to be present during a video conference.
We have a number of advanced tools that allow for remote monitoring and control of video conferences and, wherever possible, we use these in place of sending a technician on-site.

If you have special requirements or would like to arrange a test conference, please contact the IT Service Desk.
Should you encounter a fault while using videoconferencing, it is important to report it to the IT Service Desk so that it can be investigated and resolved.

How can I find out what IT (AV) facilities are available in Deakin spaces?

The IT facilities in Deakin spaces web page (restricted access) can help you search Deakin teaching spaces and meeting rooms based on campus, room type and equipment features.

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