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Connecting to Wi-Fi (eduroam) at participating institutions

Before leaving Deakin

It is recommended you connect to Eduroam at Deakin prior going to another participating institution to ensure your connection is configured correctly and has the Deakin security certificates.

See the following articles for Eduroam set-up instructions:

Accessing your Deakin resources

To access your Deakin resources (e.g. email and network shares) while connected to eduroam at another institution, you must establish a VPN connection. Refer to the following guide for assistance:

Connecting to eduroam at participating institutions if you have not connected to eduroam beforehand

Visit the Deakin University Eduroam setup and connection page here.

Getting help

If you have trouble connecting to eduroam while visiting another institution, you should:

  • Contact the Deakin IT Service Desk to verify the configuration on your laptop is correct and that the eduroam service is running at Deakin.
  • Contact the other institution's local IT support staff to ensure there are no issues with their wireless network.
  • If you are still unable to connect, then re-raise the issue with the Deakin IT Service Desk. If necessary, Deakin's IT support will place a call with the National Service Provider (AARNet) for assistance.

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