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Connecting to Wi-Fi (Wifi, eduroam) for Deakin visitors from other participating eduroam institution

Note: Visitors to Deakin who are members of a participating eduroam institution are able to connect to eduroam at Deakin, provided they have configured their device(s) according to the instructions provided to them by their home institution.

All visitors to Deakin who wish to use the eduroam service must abide by the Deakin Wi-Fi usage policy.


Users from other institutions will need to have already setup their devices to be able to connect to eduroam while at Deakin. 

The instructions may vary for each institution, and will require a VPN connection to have already been created at their institution prior to attempting to access eduroam at another institution (e.g. Deakin).

While you are still at your home campus / institution:

  1. Contact your local IT support to create an eduroam connection.
  2. Have your local IT support create a VPN connection while you are still on campus.

Full details available at

From this site, you will be able to access the details of participating Institutions and connection instructions and supported devices for each participating Institution -

Please be aware that Deakin does not allow direct HTTP/HTTPS access.


Wi-Fi hotspot zone signs have been placed on all campuses to indicate the best locations for Wi-Fi coverage.

For further information, see: Wi-Fi coverage information.


Your home institution is responsible for providing support to you while you access eduroam at another participating organisation.

If you have trouble connecting to eduroam at Deakin, you should:

  • Contact your home institution and ensure you have the correct configuration.
  • Contact the Deakin IT Service Desk to verify there are no issues with the Deakin wireless network.
  • If you are still unable to connect, your home institution should raise a request for assistance with the National Service Provider (AARNet).

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