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Configuring Deakin email on a non-Deakin computer (Outlook 2013)

Warning: Deakin Desktop computers are pre-configured with Outlook. These instructions only apply to non-Deakin computers, and assume you already have Office 2013 installed.

To configure Deakin email on a non-Deakin computer:

  1. Navigate to:
    • Start All programs (Windows 7) 

    • Start Apps (Windows 8.1)

  2. Under the Microsoft Office 2013 menu, click Outlook 2013.
  3. If you are opening Outlook 2013 for the first time, you will be greeted by the Welcome Screen. 

    For the sake of keeping this article universal, cancel the setup wizard by following the steps below, otherwise move to Step 4.

    • Click Next

    • elect the No radio button, then click Next.

    • Tick Use Outlook without an email account, then click Finish.

  4. Once Outlook opens, click File.
  5. Click Account Settings, then on Account Settings again.
  6. Within the Email tab, click the New button.
  7. Enter your details as prompted, then click Next.
    • Your name: Firstname Lastname
    • Your Email address:
      • Staff -
      • Student -
    • Your Deakin password

  8. Outlook will search for your email server settings, and advise you if successful. Click Finish.
  9.  You will be prompted to restart Outlook.
  10. Upon the restart of Outlook, you will be prompted to enter your Deakin username and password.
    • Enter the username as your Deakin email address (same as you entered for Step 7).
    You can tick Remember my credentials if you would like Outlook to keep this information.
  11.  Outlook will require some time to prepare for first use.


  12. Once Outlook opens, it will still require some time to fully sync your mailbox and calendar, as indicated by the bottom bar.



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