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What is my home directory?

Your home directory is a secure networked storage space on an eSolutions-managed server, set up for your individual use. All Deakin Staff and Students are provided with a home directory.

  • For Students, home directories are used to store files and material used in relation to your studies at Deakin University, and includes things such as assignments and course notes.
  • For Staff, home directories are used to store non-corporate work-related files and incidental personal files.

Your home directory is automatically set up each time you log into a Deakin-managed workstation that is connected to the Deakin Network, this includes workstations in Computer Labs.

You can also access your home directory from your own personal computer by following the map a network drive instruction.
To access your home directory off-campus, you must first establish a secure connection into Deakin using Cisco AnyConnect, then map your home directory.

What is the network path of my home directory?

The network path of your home directory is based off your username:

For Windows: \\\my-home
For Mac: smb://

For example, if your username is johnsmith, then the path you would use is '\\\my-home' (for Windows) or 'smb://' (for Mac).

How do I connect to my home directory?

You can connect to your home directory by mapping it as a network drive, see:

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