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How to access a Deakin file share on an Android tablet

You must be connected to Eduroam whilst on campus, or have an established Junos Pulse connection if off campus.

1. Search the Google Play store for ES File Manager.

2. This is a free app - tap to install.

3. Once installed, tap to open.

4. Drag the front screen to the left, and a new screen will appear with a New button in the toolbar.


5. Press this button, and your should get the options “Server” or “Scan” select “Server”

6. In Domain enter du.

7. In Server, enter the server path and share name

  • eg:

8. Sub folders can be added at the end, with the usual forwardslash (/) symbol between each directory.

9. Do not add anything in front of this such as smb://, ES File Manager does this transparently.

10. You then enter the (a) Username and (b) Password in the fields provided.

11. In the Display as field, type in the name you would like displayed.

This allows network shares and home directories to be accessed by an Android tablet when connected to Deakin, either by eduroam or using Junos Pulse for a secure access VPN connection from external to Deakin.

Depending on the software used to access the files, some types of files may only be able to be opened in Read Only mode, and other types may be able to be edited. The files can be copied to the tablets local storage, edited from there, and copied back to the share if required.

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