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Internet access policies and guidelines

Access to systems and networks owned and operated by Deakin University imposes certain responsibilities and obligations. There are several policies applicable to the use of Deakin's internet services contained within the Deakin Policy Library.

Accessing external websites

Access to websites outside the Deakin domain ( is monitored and, in some cases, blocked.

Accessing the internet through the wired network

Staff using a Deakin University computer will be able to connect to the internet when on the wired network by simply opening a browser.

Note: A Deakin computer being used for the very first time on the Deakin network will need to be registered by a Deakin account via the Internet Access Application. The device will only need to be registered once.

Staff or students wishing to connect a personal laptop or workstation that is not part of the Deakin End User Computing (EUC) scheme to an active network port on the Deakin wired network, will be required to register the device to be able to access the internet. The first time that you attempt to connect to the internet via your browser, you will be directed to the Internet Access Application page to complete the registration process for your device.

Note: The device will only need to be registered once.

Corporate internet access

Access to fixed line and mobile broadband internet services, wireless modems or wireless data subscription services using commercial telecommunications networks at private residences, non-University owned or leased premises, can be provided to approved staff members.

The provision of corporate internet access is governed by the Corporate Internet Access Using Commercial Networks procedure located on the guide.

For more information on the guidelines for corporate internet access - please refer to article KB0010485.

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