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Website blocking at Deakin

The Conditions of Information Technology Use states that users must not:

  • Knowingly display or store electronic material that is offensive, sexually explicit or racially, religiously or sexually intolerant unless prior approval has been granted for the purpose of research or study
  • Circumvent or subvert system security measures
  • Use ICT Facilities, Services and Materials in ways that constitute an infringement of copyright or a license agreement, including but not limited to downloading, transmitting and storing of copyrighted entertainment materials

Deakin blocks access to domains that do not comply with the policy.

How do I know if I've tried to access a blocked website?

A page displaying This site is blocked due to content filtering will be presented. This will tell you in which categories the domain has been tagged.

What if I need to access a blocked website for work or study?

If you feel that access to a website/domain should not have been blocked you will need to undertake the following steps to have it unblocked:

  1. If required by your budget centre gain agreement from your manager, supervisor or lecturer that this website should be unblocked.
  2. Create a support ticket and provide the URL (do not use the feedback box on this article). Request to have the website unblocked and ask us to email your manager, supervisor or lecturer
  3. We will email your manager, supervisor or lecturer and close the request once the domain has been unblocked.

This request will be reviewed with all others on a monthly basis. After that review the access may be blocked again, if the content is deemed to be inappropriate by the review group. You will be contacted if this is to occur.

What if I disagree with the decision of the reviewer?

The IT Service Desk will pass your concern to the reviewer who will consult with the member or Senior Executive responsible for your area.

Is there a list of blocked sites?

The full list of blocked websites/domains is not made publicly available. Domains are blocked based on their category, individual domains can be checked for their categories at the OpenDNS website.

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