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Transfer or termination of corporate internet access services

Corporate internet access using a commercial network cannot be transferred to another user. For example, a new request must be made for incoming staff members - even if they are entering an existing position where the previous staff member had corporate internet access. This is because the type and the location of the service may change.

The relevant Faculty or Division must notify the IT Service Desk when a staff member leaves Deakin or moves between organisational areas. The request must provide any new approvals or updated billing information.

Staff must return any mobile devices, such as Turbo or Next G cards, to their manager on departure from an organisational area. Each organisational area is responsible for managing mobile devices purchased for staff in their area.

If a staff member leaves Deakin, fixed internet services will be terminated.

If a staff member moves between organisational areas within Deakin, eSolutions can transfer billing, provided the service provision is approved by the head of the new organisational area, and new billing information is supplied.

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