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What is Print@Deakin?

The Print@Deakin service has been set-up to cater for the print, photocopying, faxing and scanning for Deakin students, staff and visitors.

Service features include:

  • flexibility by being able to print to any printer on any campus
  • integration with current Deakin card facilities
  • swiping to release jobs to ensure confidential and secure printing
  • swiping to release jobs will reduce paper waste
  • no need to sift through discarded print jobs
Note: This service currently does not support printing from mobile devices.
This includes:
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Window 8 RT

Who services the Printers@Deakin?

Ricoh's Valet service.

The University has partnered with Ricoh Australia to provision the service that includes:

  • a fleet of strategically placed Ricoh multi-function print devices
  • managed print service software (PaperCut)
  • and valets to replenish device consumables and attend to problems for devices on campus and locations within 15km of a campus.

Refer to the table below for the current hours of operation for the Valet service.

Campus Working Hours
Burwood 9 am to 5 pm
Waurn Ponds 9 am to 5 pm
Waterfront 10 am to 2 pm
Warrnambool 10 am to 2 pm

The Valet service will be provided on all University working days. It will not be available on University holidays or weekends.
If a device runs out of consumables or fails on a non-working day, it will be attended to on the next working day.
Customers are encouraged to use another device in the interim.

Additional Information: For Technical Support please contact the Ricoh Service Desk on: 1300 362 577 or

What card do I use for Print@Deakin?

Your Deakin Student or Staff identification card.

Either of these two types of Deakin cards will work with the Print@Deakin service.


If you do not have one of the above Deakin identification cards, you will need to have another card printed at Deakin Central.
For information on where to get a Deakin Card, inquires about your balance or problems with card functionality - please see the DeakinCard website.

What is the Print@Deakin Service Level Agreement?





Service Response

Metro:3 Business hours response

Regional:4 Business hours response


Service Restoration Times

Metro: 4 Business hour restoration time

Regional: 5 Business hour restoration time



Spare Parts

All Sites: Next working day


Consumables for non-Valet sites

Next working day (if order received before 12.30pm)


Equipment Failures

Equipment that fails to operate according to manufacture specifications within 48 hours after the product is installed

Less than 1%

Equipment Up Time*

Up time by model consolidated for Deakin University including Valet Services

Average 95%

What does it cost to Print@Deakin?

Charging Principles

The principles associated with setting the cost per impression are as follows:

  • non-profit service
  • all customers are charged the same click charge rate
  • the charging disbursement has minimal administrative overhead
  • cost per impression will be bench-marked against Office Works annually
  • cost per impression to be reviewed annually

Printing and photocopy charges are incurred as follows:

Print type  Cost
A4 mono 9 cents
A4 mono - double sided 15 cents
A4 colour 15 cents
A4 colour - double sided 25 cents
A3 mono 10 cents
A3 mono - double sided 20 cents
A3 colour 20 cents
A3 colour - double sided 30 cents


Student's Deakin card will be debited each time they swipe to release print jobs or photocopy.

Staff charges will use their Deakin Card to release print jobs or photocopy.
The staff DeakinCard is linked to the managed print service software that tracks staff usage in arrears.
The account codes are imported into PaperCut from the Human Resources systems. If your salary is allocated
to multiple account codes or you have multiple positions within the University you will be prompted to select
the account code your print job should be charged against.
At the start of each month a journal is generated from the previous months usage data and send to Finance for processing.

Additional Information: There is actual no charge for faxing or scanning, but these services require you to have a minimum balance of 6 cents.

How do I put money on my Deakin Card to use with Print@Deakin?

Please visit the Deakin Card deposit online page.

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