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How to install the Print@Deakin service on your personal Mac OS X computer

  1. Do not use these instructions for a Deakin Desktop computer. This service is installed differently on staff and student lab workstations. Only use these instructions if you wish to print at Deakin from a Mac OS X computer that is not managed by Deakin eSolutions.
  2. Before using these instructions, ensure that you are connected to the Deakin network. If you are not at a Deakin campus, establish a secure connection to the Deakin network using Junos Pulse.

How to install the Print@Deakin driver and print queue

  1. Go to the Deakin Software Library.
  2. Click Office Applications.

  3.  Under the Printers sub-heading, select PaperCut Print Client for Personal Laptops.

  4.  Select Download PaperCut Installer for Mac OS X 10.7 and OS X 10.8.

  5.  Enter your Deakin username and password to download the installer.

  6.  When the download is completed, run the install file PaperCutMac1.2.pkg.

  7. Click Continue > Continue > Install. Follow the prompts, and click Install Software.

    If the installation is blocked, you may need to unblock it under System Preferences > Security > Allow apps download from:

    A prompt will appear to advise that a restart is required; click Continue Installation. When complete, ensure all work is closed and saved and click Restart.
  8. After the installation is complete, launch the PaperCut application; it does not launch automatically after install. It will be available in the Applications folder and is named PCClient. After it's launched, it will be visible in the Mac OS X dock, and the gadget will appear on the desktop.

    Note: You may be prompted to install Java from the Apple Software Update. If so, click Install > then accept the License Agreement.

  9. Log in to the Papercut Application. Tick Remember my identity.

  10. Go to System Preferences and select Print and Scan. You will notice three print queues installed - one for each campus
    • Deakin_Geelong_Printer
    • Deakin_Burwood_Printer
    • Deakin_Warrnambool_Printer

Printing to these queues will behave the same as printing from a Deakin Desktop workstation.

Warning: Please ensure you have PCClient open before printing.

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