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How to install the Print@Deakin service on your personal Mac OS X computer

How to print at Deakin on your personal Mac


  • Mac is connected to the Deakin network

Install and run the PaperCut Client

  1. Go to the Deakin Software Library and search for Papercut.
  2. Select "PaperCut Print Client", scroll down, then select "Download for Mac".
  3. Enter your Deakin username and password to download the installer.
  4. When the download completes, navigate to the file in Finder, then right-click (or hold the control button and click on the file), then select Open.
  5. Select Open on the following message.

    If you get the following error, make sure you are holding the control key when selecting the file, then select Open

  6. Select Continue and follow the prompts to install the software, entering your Mac password when prompted
  7. Once the installation is complete, launch PCClient (i.e. PaperCut) from the Applications folder
  8. Log in to PaperCut using your Deakin username and password

  9. Open the System Preferences app and select Print and Scan and confirm a print queue is listed for Burwood, Geelong and/or Warrnambool


  1. When printing at Deakin, make sure to select one of the Deakin printer services (Deakin_Burwood_Printer, or Deakin_Geelong_Printer, etc.)
  2. When submitting the job, a message will appear saying it is being held in a queue, waiting for you to release at your preferred printer.
  3. Log in at a printer using your ID card or login credentials.

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