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How do I send a fax using a Ricoh printer?

Sending a fax

Note: Deakin printers with fax have the ability to dial internationally (depending on your faculty or area's requested setup).
Remember, to dial any number outside of Deakin University, you must add a '0' at the start of the number.
To dial out of Australia you will need to dial 0 + the international call prefix of 0011 + the country code + the fax number. You can get more help with this at White Pages Find a Dialling Code.
  1. Swipe your DeakinCard in the card reader, or enter your Deakin username and password manually using the keypad on the printer. If you have print jobs in the queue they will automatically appear.
  2. Select Use Device Functions on the touch screen.
  3. Select the Facsimile button on the left-hand side of the control panel.
  4. Place your original document face-up in the Auto Document Feeder, or face-down on the glass.
  5. Select or adjust your settings, as required:
    • Original Type - Used to optimize the scan quality based on the document content.
    • Resolution - Used to set the level of detail required for the scanned item.
    • Scan Size - Used to manually set the size of the original document.
  6. Select whether you are sending a one-sided or two-sided document.
  7. Select whether you want to send the fax immediately by selecting the Immed.TX button (this option will confirm the receiving fax device is available) or you can choose to store the fax until the receiving fax machine is available (if you choose this option and the device does not become available, the printer will print out a failure report after 15 minutes with a sample of your sent document).
    Tip: Memory transmission is particularly useful if you want to send your fax at a specific time or to multiple recipients.
  8. Enter the fax number using the keypad on the printer, or select a contact from Address Book.
  9. Press Start.

Please do not forget to collect your original documents. Ensure you log out of the device. To log out, select Home key > Papercut Icon, then press Logout or re-swipe your DeakinCard.

To maintain a secure printing environment, you will be automatically logged out if the device if it has been left inactive for three minutes.

Receiving a fax

Faxes are received electronically via an email address set by your faculty, school or divisional area - please contact your area's administrative team.

Where are the printers located at Deakin? can assist you with looking up a printers location, serial number, fax number and the email address that receives faxes sent to the fax number.

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