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How do I send a fax from my Deakin computer? (Windows)

Installing the fax queue

1. Click Start > Devices and Printers.



2. Click Add a printer.


3. Click Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer.


4. Select the Fax_Deakin_...... based on your campus, and click Next.


5. If prompted, click Install driver and enter your Deakin username and password.


6. When the fax has installed, click Next > Finished.


Sending a Fax

1. Open the document you would like to fax.

2. In the File menu, click Print.


3. A list of available printers will be displayed. Select the LAN-Fax driver from which you want to fax. For example:


4. Select Printer Properties and adjust settings as necessary (refer to the table below).


5. Select OK. You will return to the Print Menu.


6. Select Print to access the LAN-Fax interface.


7. Within the LAN-Fax interface:

  • Select the Specify Destination tab;
  • Enter the telephone number into the Fax Number field
  • Select Set as Destination. The telephone number will be added to the 'List of Destination' table below.
  • For multiple telephone numbers, repeat steps 7b and 7c.
    Note: Dial '0' first to dial outside of Deakin University.

  • If you required confirmation of the transition status of your fax, please go to Email Settings and tick Notify.


8. Click Send to transmit the fax message to the telephone number(s) specified.


Receiving a fax

Faxes are received electronically via your nominated faculty or divisional email address.

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