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How to cancel printing that is already progress (Ricoh printers)

At times you may need to cancel a print job after you've released it. This could be because the printer has run out of paper, or jammed while printing. Your print job will be suspended and will resume when the fault has been rectified. If you cannot rectify the problem yourself, it is a good idea to reset the print job prior to walking away from the device.

You may also wish to cancel a print job for other reasons. For example, you've accidentally printed a 4000 page document and you wish to stop it.

Cancelling a print job

  1. Ensure you are logged in to the device.
  2. Press the Printer button, located on the left-hand side of the control panel.

    Shows location of the Printer button.
  3. Press Job Reset.

    Shows the location of the Job Reset button.
  4. Select:
    • Cancel Printing to stop the current job only.
    • Cancel All Jobs to cancel everything in your queue.

    Shows the location of the Cancel Printing and Cancel All Jobs buttons.

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