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Printing on an account not associated with a staff member (an 'other' account)

An 'other' account - also known as a 'generic' or 'service' account - is not associated with a staff member and are therefore do not have the ability to print by default. 

However, some 'other' accounts will require the ability to print. In order for an "other" account to have the ability a request must be submitted and an associated budget account code must be provided. 

Requesting an 'other', 'generic' or 'service' account to have the ability to print

1. Submit the request by completing the other account printing request form.

Note: This request must be submitted by a staff member with budgetary authority on the nominated account.

2. Complete the following fields:

  • The 'other' account name
  • The Faculty or Portfolio area the other account belong to
  • The account code the printing is to be charged to. NOTE: the natural account code is 6457.
  • Delegated user(s)
  • An acknowledgement that you are authorised to arrange delegated printing for the nominated account, and have delegated authority to charge to the submitted account code.

A service request will be automatically raised. You will receive a confirmation of this via your Deakin email account, and a Service Desk staff member will process the change at their earliest opportunity.


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