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How to print using Print@Deakin Web Print

The Print@Deakin Web Print service allows you to print from non-Deakin Desktop computers, without the need to install printer drivers.

Documents are loaded to a server via a web page and added to your queue, ready for release at any Deakin printer.


Upload your document

    1. Open the PaperCut web interface by typing the following link in your web browser:
    2. Log in with your Deakin username and password. The page will open at the account summary page, displaying information about usage and account balance.
    3. Click Web Print in the Navigation Bar.
    4. Click Submit a Job.
    5. Select the printer you wish to use from the list. You will notice there are 12 print queues listed. Note that there are only three locations - one for each campus location.
      • Burwood
      • Geelong
      • Warrnambool
      For each location you have the choice of four basic print configurations.
      • Colour - Duplex
      • Colour - Single Sided
      • Monochrome - Duplex
      • Monochrome - Single Sided
    6. Click the button, 2. Print options and Account Selection.
    7. Nominate the number of copies you wish to print.
      Additional Information: Some customers may also be able to nominate which account code should be charged. This happens when your salary is allocated to multiple account codes, or when you hold a number of positions within the university. The account codes are imported into PaperCut from the Human Resources systems. Select the appropriate account from the drop-down list provided.
      Shows list of accounts to charge from.
    8. Click  3. Upload Document.
    9. Click Browse to navigate to the file you wish to print. Please be aware that this method is limited to the following document types:
      Application/ File Type File Extension(s)
      Microsoft Office Excel xlam, xls, xlsb, xlsm, xlsx, xltm, xltx
      Microsoft Office PowerPoint pot, potm, potx, ppam, pps, ppsm, ppsx, ppt, pptm, pptx
      Microsoft Office Word doc, docm, docx, dot, dotm, dotx
      Microsoft XPS xps
      PDF pdf
    10. Click Upload and Complete.

Your document has been sent to the print queue. You can now print at your nearest printer. Your document will remain in the queue for 16 hours.


Release the document at the printer

  1. Swipe your DeakinCard in the card reader, or enter your Deakin username and password manually using the keypad on the printer. If you have print jobs in the queue, they will display on the screen.

    Shows the print queue
  2. You can print jobs individually by selecting the document in the list. A brief description of the selected job will be shown or you can choose to print all waiting jobs immediately. To do this, press Print All.

    Shows the Confirm or Cancel job window.
  3. Press Print.

To maintain a secure printing environment, you will be automatically logged out if the device if it has been left inactive for three minutes. To log out manually, press the Logout button on the main dashboard of the printer.

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