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How to request software to be installed on Deakin University Workstations

Request new software for a Deakin Staff PC

New software (software that isn't already available) for Deakin Staff PCs can be requested at any time via the Deakin Software Store – see How do I request new software that is not in the Software Store?

Request new software for a Deakin Staff Mac or Student Lab Computer (PC or Mac)

When can software be requested?

New software (software not already available) can be requested for installation on Deakin staff Macs or Deakin University lab workstations for both teaching and learning and work-related use at any time throughout the year. Once the request has been received by the IT Service Desk, the details provided will be checked and if all OK will be passed on to the eSolutions Desktop Unit to commence the following cycle:

  • Preparing software,
  • Testing of software,
  • Sign off,
  • Deployment of software.

Failure to provide all the details required will result in the request being rejected. The request will then need to be resubmitted which will delay the deployment process. The software process can take up to 30 working days from submitting a request through to deployment.

How do I know that the software I want to use is suitable?

To ensure that software will be suitable for deployment on the University workstations it is recommended that contact is made with the IT Service Desk prior to committing to purchase or use the software. 
The purchase of the wrong license type or version can impact the ability of eSolutions to be able to deploy the software for use in teaching and learning spaces or to staff workstations. The IT Service Desk staff will be able to provide general advice or for more technical assistance will arrange for someone to contact you.

What is the process for requesting software for a Deakin Staff Mac or Lab Computer (PC or Mac)?

Software Request Form will need to be completed ensuring the following documentation is attached or web links to the locations are provided:

  • Licence details (this is required for all requests)
  • Evidence of software having been purchased and number of copies that are available for deployment (where applicable)

The steps that should be followed for successful deployment are summarised below:

  1. Check that the software will be suitable for deployment to Deakin University workstations prior to committing to purchase or use.
  2. Purchase or locate the software (if freeware) and upload to the following share \\share-f\desktop-dropbox
    • alternatively the physical media can be sent via internal mail to the eSolutions Desktop Unit - Waterfront Campus.
  3. Once you have received proof of purchase, complete the online Software Request Form ensuring all details are provided and or attached.
  4. Click the submit button at the bottom of the form.
  5. The page will display confirmation that the form has been submitted and advise that an email has been sent to you.
  6. The IT Service Desk staff check that all necessary details have been provided.
    • If details are missing or incomplete the request will be rejected and will need to be resubmitted
    • If all details are complete the request will move to the eSolutions Desktop Unit. This is also the trigger point for the commencement of the cycle of up to 30 working days until completion of the request.

What happens next?

The packaging of the software will commence. Once packaging has been completed, user acceptance testing will be required.

Communicate with the eSolutions Desktop Unit to report issues experienced during testing or if you are satisfied that the software is ready for deployment. 

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