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Why am I getting a "Software changes are required" pop-up on my Deakin PC?

As mandatory software updates (Windows Operating System, Microsoft Office etc.) become available for your computer, you will be notified via a pop-up message “Software Changes are required” in your system tray.

Software Changes are Required. 

What options do I have?

  • You can click on the pop-up window to open the Software Center’s Software Changes summary.
  • Alternatively, if you choose to ignore the pop-up, it will go away in about 15 seconds - you can still access the software summary by clicking the icon on the taskbar and selecting View Required Software.

Update Notification

Opening the Software Center window will allow you to select from the following options:

  • Apply all required changes now: The updates will be installed while you are working. If a restart is necessary you will be prompted for a restart after the installation has completed. Installing now does not affect any currently running programs.
  • Apply all required changes outside your scheduled business hours: (By default the business hours are set from 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM Monday through Friday) you can view or change your configured business hours within the Software Center if necessary. The Software Center will attempt to install all required changes outside of your business hours should your system be left running. It is recommended to check restart my computer automatically if needed to avoid being prompted to restart the next day.
Warning: If you select this option, any open applications will be forcibly closed with any unsaved work potentially lost.
  • Should you choose to do nothing: software updates will be installed automatically once the installation deadline has been reached.

Software changes must be applied. 

I am now being prompted to restart my computer

  1. If a restart is required, your system will prompt you after the updates have been installed.
    Shows the Restart required pop-up window.
  2. Click
  3. It is now safe to restart the computer

  4. It is now safe to restart the computer

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