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How to search the Deakin staff directory and update your details

Deakin University provides an online telephone directory for staff. It is accessible by using the "Find People" located by default at the right side of your DeakinSync interface.

Note: if the "Find People" option is not immediately visible when you log in to DeakinSync, scroll down as it may be available in the lower section of the interface.

Searching for a Deakin staff member's contact details

The Deakin staff directory allows you to search for a staff member by surname, first name, position, campus, faculty or division.

  1. Fill in the provided fields in the "Find People" section at DeakinSync, and click on the "Find People" button when ready to search.
  2. A list of staff members that meet your search specifications will appear on the left. Click on the name of the staff member you are looking for to access their Staff Profile and obtain their contact details.

Adjusting your contact details

  1. To adjust your personal details as they appear in your staff profile, access the Deakin Profile System by loggin in to DeakinSync and selecting the "Access" icon, and in the drop down menu that appears selecting "Deakin Profile System".

  2. On the Profile System page, select "My Profile" on the right, and click on the relevant links in order to change your information - your full name (the name you supplied to Deakin University on your employment forms), position, centre, area, campus, username and phone number details are standard display entries.

    Note: Use of home directory webpages must comply with University policies and guidelines. You'll find these in the web publishing procedure in The Guide.

Phone number changes

To lodge a request for a new telephone number, click the Request a phone number change link, which takes you to the webform to lodge your request.


Fax, mobile and room number changes

  1. Enter your contact details (such as fax, mobile or room number) on the Administration page
  2. You can set the desired viewing options so that only staff, staff and students, students, or anyone, have access to your contact details.If you want your mobile number to be displayed in staff search, set it to Anyone and control who can see it in Profiles. If you don't set it to Anyone, it will not be displayed in the staff search/directory. Make sure any content you enter is accurate.
  3. Click Submit to save your changes.

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