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Changing your password on a Deakin Windows PC

Note : Each time you change your Deakin password, you will also need to update the password for the Deakin services you have on your mobile device(s) (for example: email, Wi-Fi).  If you don't update your details, your account may be locked, as your mobile devices will continually try and use your old password. Please close Outlook prior to changing your password for the same reason.

To change your password using a Deakin computer on campus

  1. Close Outlook.
  2. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del and select Change a password...
  3. Change your password.

To change your password using a Deakin computer off campus

  1. Close all open programs.
  2. Connect to the VPN using your current password.
  3. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del and select Change a password...
  4. Change your password.
  5. Disconnect from the VPN.

If you already changed your password via the Password webpage while off-campus:

  1. Log in to the laptop with your old password.
  2. Connect to the VPN with your new password.
  3. Simultaneously press Ctrl+Alt+Del and select Lock this computer.
  4. Simultaneously press Ctrl+Alt+Del and enter your new password.
Note: It's strongly recommended to change your password on campus whenever possible in order to prevent password sync issues.

More information: What are Deakin's password requirements?

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