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Deakin mobile - Can I purchase a mobile device through Deakin?

For a Deakin personal mobile plan

We do not have any options available for you to purchase the physical device outright.
You can source a handset independently, ensuring that it is not locked to another mobile network and can be used with the Deakin University telecommunications provider Telstra.

You can then Get a Deakin personal mobile phone plan.

For a Deakin corporate mobile communications device plan

The University provides corporate mobile communication devices to approved staff members.

  1. Get the approval.
  2. Purchase the device outright:
    Mobile Phone - you can purchase a mobile phone outright, either online or instore from the supplier of your choice using a corporate credit card.
  3. If a new corporate connection is required, you can Order the new phone connection and get the SIM card.

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