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How do I get a Skype for Business (Lync) Persistent Chat Room created?

Key Concepts

The following key concepts are important to this process:


  • Categories allow grouping of chat rooms that require similar properties, or membership groups.
  • Categories are defined by the Lync Administrator.
  • At Deakin, a Category will be defined for each Faculty and Division (some are already created).
  • Further Categories may be defined in future for specific business areas, on a case-by-case basis.
  • Chat rooms are created within a specific Category.


  • Creation of chat rooms are limited to authorised Creators.
  • Creators can create new chat rooms within their authorised Category only.
  • Authorisation is assigned by the Lync Administrator.
  • IT Reps and Data Stewards will be authorised as Creators within their area. 

Process for the creation of chat room

  1. Staff member contacts Data Steward or IT Rep in their faculty/area to request new chat room.
  2. If Category does not exist for this area as yet, Data Steward/IT Rep escalates to IT Service Desk for creation of Category.
  3. Data Steward/IT Rep reviews request and contacts the requestor to confirm:
    • Title
    • Description
    • Privacy – Open / Closed / Secret
    • Additional Room Manager
    • Members (if required)
  4. Data Steward/IT Rep creates Chat Room within the category for their area, including:
    • Assigning requester as Room Manager
    • Assigning additional Room Manager
    • Assigning Members (if requested)
  5. Data Steward/IT Rep advises the staff member, and provides a link for the Create and Manage a Lync chat room.
For further help and support please contact the IT Service Desk

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