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How do I create a whiteboard in a Skype for Business (Lync) meeting/webinar?

The whiteboard is a shared page for notes and drawings that participants in the meeting can contribute to.

To start whiteboarding in an online meeting

  1. Start with an active video call or meeting/webinar.
  2. In the conversation window, click the Present icon, then select More... from the menu.

    Click the Present icon, then select More.
  3. Select Whiteboard.

    Select Whiteboard.

    A whiteboard panel will open in the conversation window. 

    The Whiteboard panel

To draw on the whiteboard

  1. All participants who have joined via video can use the Tools to draw on the whiteboard.

    The Tools panel.
  2. Click the Menu... tool and select Save As to save the whiteboard.

    Note that drawings will be recorded in real-time if you are recording the video meeting. 
  3. Click Stop Presenting to close the whiteboard.

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