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How do I join a Skype for Business meeting from OWA (Outlook Web App)?

Note: This process is aimed at non-Deakin computers that do not have the Lync client installed. In order for Lync to run via a Web Browser, a Lync browser plug-in needs to be installed. To initiate this installation, you must first attempt to join a Lync online meeting - so be sure to prepare in advance. The steps documented here will vary depending on your choice of Web Browser and Operating System - this was written based on the Internet Explorer browser, running on a Windows 7 computer.
1. Sign in to Outlook Web App
  • Open the Lync online meeting appointment in your calendar
  • Click Join Lync Meeting located in message area of the calendar appointment.
2. The Install Lync Web App plug-in checkbox needs to be tickedYou will be prompted by a security window, enter your Deakin username (enter your username in the format of du\username) and password. 
Be sure to tick Remember my credentials.




3. Click Join the Meeting.
4. Follow your browser's instructions for downloading and installing the plug-in. For example, using Internet Explorer, select Run when you see the alert at the bottom of the browser window.
5. In the Lync Web App plug-in security alert, select Allow.
6. In the Windows Firewall security alert - select Allow Access
  • It's OK to select Cancel if you don't have administrator privileges on your computer.
7. You will have now entered the Lync meeting, and the plug-in will be installed ready for next time.
Warning: Install the plug-in even if you plan to call in using audio only to the meeting.
The plug-in is also required for video and screen sharing. If you've already joined the meeting and the plug-in didn't install (you do not have full Lync functionality), point to the phone icon and select Call to start the installation process.
If the full features of Lync are still unavailable please try Microsoft's additional resources here.
For further assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk.

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