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Blackboard Collaborate information and help guides

Blackboard Collaborate is also referred to as Bb Collaborate. Bb Collaborate is an online collaboration tools that engages everyone, any time and anywhere. It is integrated into CloudDeakin to offer a more collaborative, interactive, and mobile learning experience.

Currently there are two ways to access Bb Collaborate, via CloudDeakin and SAS;

  • CloudDeakin (LTI) - This is the most common type for teaching units. Bb Collaborate sessions are created within CloudDeakin units and students can join the sessions or access the recordings through CloudDeakin within the Resources area.
  • SAS - Non-teaching purposes. Each of the faculty admins have a username and password to login to the SAS environment to create meetings if there is a request. However, all Divisions will need to contact the IT Service Desk to create meetings. Note: Before you create the meeting, get permission from the manager.

Which roles have "Moderator" access?

Any staff with Marker, Tutor, Marking Tutor, Lecturer, Unit Chair, UC-Dev and UC-I roles in a unit within CloudDeakin can join the session as Moderator.
By default, student role is given Participant role.

Who can create Bb Collaborate links and sessions?

Only Unit Chair, UC-Dev, UC-I and Lecturer can create a new Blackboard Collaborate link (via Additional Applications in CloudDeakin).
Marker, Tutor, Marking Tutor, Lecturer, Unit chair, UC-Dev, and UC-I can create a Session through CloudDeakin (but there needs to be a Blackboard Collaborate link first, then these users can create a session).

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