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How can I request an 'other' account to have the ability to print

An 'other', 'generic', 'service' or visitor account - is not associated with a Deakin staff member account code and therefore does not have the ability to print using the Print@Deakin service. In some cases, 'other' accounts will require the ability to print.

For an 'other' account to be setup for printing purposes, a request must be submitted, and an associated budget account code must be provided. 

1. Open the other account printing request form, and complete the following fields:

  • The 'other' account name
  • The Faculty or Portfolio area the other account belong to
  • The account code the printing is to be charged to. NOTE: the natural account code is 6457.
  • Delegated user(s)
  • An acknowledgement that you are authorised to arrange delegated printing for the nominated account, and have delegated authority to charge to the submitted account code.

2. A service request will be automatically raised. You will receive a confirmation of this via your Deakin email account, and a Service Desk staff member will process the change at their earliest opportunity.

Note: This request must be submitted by a staff member with budgetary authority on the nominated account.

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