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Wordpress Newsletter: Sending a newsletter

1. Log in to Wordpress and access the Dashboard.

2. Create a new newsletter or edit and existing one by following the Create a newsletter or the Edit an existing newsletter instructions respectively.

3. Once you are satisfied with the content of your newsletter you should save a draft and preview it. To do this select the Save Draft button, followed by the Preview button from the Send panel.

4. The preview should provide a faithful representation of how the newsletter will look when it is sent, but it’s still best to send a few test emails before sending the final version.

5. Set the email recipient to a test email account (e.g. your own).

6. From the Send panel in the right sidebar you can observe who (name and email) the newsletter will be sent from. This will automatically revert to a default account. However you can override this if you like by selcting the Edit link next to the email address and changing the name and email from the respective input fields.

7. Send a test newsletter by selecting the Send button from the Send panel in the right sidebar. The newsletter will take a bit of time before it is sent.

8. Observe the newsletter in your email client and make sure that it is displaying correctly (e.g. the subject line is correct, links are working, the email content is displaying correctly etc.).

9. Repeat steps four to six for at least one more email address. It’s advisable that you view the newsletter on at least two different email clients and also on a mobile device before sending out the final version.

10. Once you are happy with how your newsletter is looking and are satisfied that it has been properly tested, enter the correct recipients’ details and select the Send button.

11. Your newsletter has now been sent. A duplicate sent version of your newsletter will be created and will be viewable from the All Mails screen (accessible from Dashboard > Mails > All Mails). You will also notice that any test versions that you sent will also be listed here. You can still make changes to your newsletter and send it again by editing and sending the draft copy.

Note: It’s important to understand that once an email is sent there is no way of retrieving it. Therefore you need to ensure that your newsletter is properly tested before sending it out to your audience.

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