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How do I create and manage a guest Wi-Fi (Wifi) account for use at Deakin?

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How do I create a Single Guest account?

  1. Using Internet Explorer, log in to the Sponsor Portal.
  2. Click Create Accounts:
    • Select your Guest typeGuest-1Week, 1 Month or custom
    • Enter Guest user’s information under Guest Information
    • Set Access Information Duration to required number of days
    • Click Create

    create account
  3. The Account information will be displayed.

    account info
  4. Click Notify to display the Print or Email options.

    click notify

    The system will no longer automatically email people - you must click notify and check the email checkbox.



How do I import and create Guest Users in bulk?

During an event there may be a requirement to create many users at the same time. The best way to perform this action is to use a CSV file to import a large amount of users.

  1. Using Internet Explorer, log in to the Sponsor Portal.
  2. Click Create Accounts.

    create accounts
  3. Set the Guest Type (1 week, 1 month or custom).

    guest type
  4. Under Guest Information - select Import Accounts, then Download Template to open the CSV template.

    import accounts
  5. Populate the template; each line contains information for each individual guest user.

    Shows the template in Microsoft Excel.
  6. Save the template as a CSV (Comma delimited) file - Do not save as a "CSV for DOS or MAC".
    Once you save this template you may re-use it instead of downloading a new template on your next import.

    Saving the template.
  7. Browse for the CSV file you saved, then click Import.

    import the csv
  8. Close the importing will be processed message.

    import message
  9. The list of the users from your CSV file will now appear under Manage Accounts.

    list of users
  10. You can print out the accounts or email the users their accounts - select the user, then click the Resend button to send the user their credentials.



How do I manage the Guest Accounts that I have created?

Management tasks include account suspension, deletion, and extension; and are available from your Manage Accounts tab.

Select(check) the user you wish to manage, then select one of the following buttons.

  • Edit: edit the general information for the selected account.
  • Resend: if a guest has forgotten or lost their password, send the Guest their password via email or print.
  • Extend: increases the account duration.
  • Suspend: makes the account inactive, the Guest user is not permitted while in a suspended state.
  • Delete: purges the Guest user out of the system, the user cannot be recovered and must be recreated.
  • Reset Password: send the Guest a new password via email or print.
  • Reinstate: brings the Guest out of a Suspended state and permits guest login.



For further assistance, please contact the eSolutions IT Service Desk.

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