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Connecting to Wi-Fi (Wifi, eduroam) at participating institutions

Note: You must connect to eduroam at Deakin before visiting a participating institution.

See the following articles for eduroam set-up instructions:

Accessing your Deakin resources

To access your Deakin resources - such as email and home directories - while connected to eduroam at another institution, you must establish a VPN connection. Refer to the following guide for assistance:

Getting help

If you have trouble connecting to eduroam while visiting another institution, you should:

  • Contact the Deakin IT Service Desk to verify the configuration on your laptop is correct and that the eduroam service is running at Deakin.
  • Contact the other institution's local IT support staff to ensure there are no issues with their wireless network.
  • If you are still unable to connect, then re-raise the issue with the Deakin IT Service Desk. If necessary, Deakin's IT support will place a call with the National Service Provider (AARNet) for assistance.

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