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How do I register a wired device on the Deakin network to get internet access?

This is not required when connecting to the Deakin eduroam network using Wi-Fi (wireless). This article is for staff, and students that live on residence, who have a device that needs to be physically connected to the network using a network (ethernet) cable.

All devices that are plugged into Deakin's network using a network cable must be registered in the Internet Access Application to be able to connect to the Internet.


Register a network device

  1. Login to Internet Access Application using your Deakin username and password.
  2. You can register:
    • The device you are currently using - by clicking on the Click here to register your current device button
    • A device that you are not using - by entering the Media Access Control (MAC) address, then clicking the Register button.


Deregister a network device

  1. Login to the Internet Access Application using your Deakin username and password.
  2. All devices registered to your Deakin username appear in the list under the Deregister your devices section. If you no longer require one or more of these devices to be able to access the internet via the wired network, deregister them by selecting the adjacent check box, and clicking Deregister.

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