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Internet Setup Tips for Students on Residence

  • Internet usage is unmetered on res for devices connected via the wired network connection available in each room. Automatic Proxy Detection must be disabled (or set to ‘No Proxy’) in the browser for the connection to be unmetered.
  • Each device using a wired connection must register for Internet access.
  • Network traffic is shaped during business hours (8am to 5pm).
  • Some traffic (e.g. Torrents, Skype) is shaped permanently to ensure fair use.

Deakin College students: Internet usage is metered and limited to 5GB per trimester, whether connected via cable or Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi access

Wi-Fi (eduroam) is available throughout all student residence areas. All eduroam traffic counts towards your 5GB per trimester quota.

Find help articles on connecting to Wi-Fi.

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