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How do I divert a phone call to my Voicemail in Lync? (Mac)

Deakin Staff who have been transitioned to Lync Voice can make and receive phone calls without a deskphone using Lync on their Mac computer.

For Windows computers, please see How do I redirect a phone call to my Voicemail in Lync? (Windows)

Note: This feature is only available to staff who have been activated in Lync Enterprise Voice.

 To divert an incoming call

1.  When the call 'pop-up' appears, click Redirect.


2.  Select one of the options:

    • Voicemail to divert the call to your voicemail.
    • Reply with instant message to reply by Lync instant message instead (only available if the person is calling you using Lync, not regular phone calls).
    • Set to Do Not Disturb to divert the call to your voicemail and set your Lync presence to 'Do Not Disturb'.

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