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Where are the printers located at Deakin?

You can search for the location of a printer at Deakin using the IT facilities in Deakin spaces web page.

To search for a printer

  1. Open the IT facilities in Deakin spaces page.
  2. Search for printers by refining the search criteria:
    • Under the Site dropdown menu, choose your campus location - or alternatively you can leave it set to All sites to search all Deakin locations.
    • Under the Feature dropdown menu, select "Printer - Ricoh", and Condition (>) Greater than 0 - then click Search.

      printer search

      You can narrow the search down by building, by adding the building name to the Room number field.

      eg. A for building A at Burwood.

  3. A list will populate based on the search results.

    search results
  4. You can hover over the information icon to get information about the printer, such as the serial number, fax number and the email address that receives faxes sent to the fax number.

    printer info

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