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How do I copy a document using a Ricoh printer?

Swipe your DeakinCard in the card reader, or enter your Deakin username and password manually using the keypad on the printer. You only need to swipe your card once, please be patient and wait for the screen to load. If you have print jobs in the queue they will automatically appear.


Additional Information: You may be prompted to select an account code. This happens when your salary is allocated to multiple account codes, or when you hold multiple positions within the university. The account codes are imported into PaperCut from the Human Resources systems. Select the appropriate account from the list provided.
  1. Select Use Device Functions.

  2. Place your original document face-up in the Auto Document Feeder, or face-down on the glass.
  3. Choose your colour selection.
  4. Select the paper source, if you need to copy to a particular size.
  5. Choose to reduce or enlarge your copy from the original document.
  6. Select your format option - one or two-sided, or combined pages.
  7. Select stapling or hole punching, if required. Note: stapling and hole punching are not available on all models.
  8. Using the number pad, select the number of copies (quantity) you require.


  1. Press Start.

Please do not forget to collect your original documents and copies. Ensure you log out of the device. To log out at any time, press the log out button on the dashboard.

To maintain a secure printing environment, you will be automatically logged out if the device has been left inactive for three minutes.

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