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What is a snapshot? (File Share Backups)

A snapshot is a capture of the state and contents of a storage location as it was at a particular time. When you store your data in a File Shares or Home Directory provided by eSolutions your data is protected with regular snapshots that are automatically taken throughout each day.

  • 10am, 1pm and 4pm and retained for at least 3 days
  • 8pm each night and retained for at least 12 weeks

For example if you accidentally deleted a file on Tuesday at 2pm, you can restore that from any of the previous point in time snapshots:

  • 1pm the same day (1 hour ago)
  • 10am the same day (4 hours ago)
  • 8pm the previous night (18 hours ago)
  • 4pm the previous afternoon (22 hours ago)
  • 8pm from any previous night for the past 12 weeks

 If a file stored in your Home Directory or a File Share is corrupted, deleted or modified you can recover a previous version of the file from a snapshot. For more information on how to recover a file from a snapshot see the following articles:

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