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How can I enrol teaching Staff into my CloudDeakin site as a Lecturer or Tutor?

If you have the Unit Chair role in a CloudDeakin site, you will be able to enrol teaching staff as Lecturer, Tutor, Marking Tutor, Marker, External Marker, Librarian, Learning Support and Visitor role.

Depending on the role of the teaching staff, it's important to assign the appropriate role to the teaching staff. For more information, check out the Roles & Permissions page.

1. Click on Tools and select Classlist.
2. Click on Add Participants and select Add an existing user.
3. In the ‘Search for’ field, enter the staff name and hit enter on your keyboard.
4. From the results, select the check box next to the staff name.
5. Under the Role drop-down list, select the role you wish the staff to have.
6. Click Enrol Selected Users.

Note: If a user has been enrolled as UC-I, Domain Support or Auditor, they will not appear in the Classlist.

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