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Solstice is not displaying Office apps or IE correctly when sharing content


Customers with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 devices may experience difficulty with Office 2013 applications and Internet Explorer 11 and Edge browsers not rendering correctly when sharing as an application window.

When this happens, large areas of the application post are shown as white voids. Similar experiences have also been seen with Photoshop library and tutorial panels etc. They may not show on the screen when the app window is shared.


This is fixed in the version of Solstice deployed at Deakin University on Deakin Desktop computers through the Software Catalogue.

Confirm that your device is running the current version of the client app. Solstice introduced a new app sharing mechanism that is essentially a cropped desktop share to fix the Microsoft applications issue.

For each type of application share, the user can use the new or old app share mechanism and the client will remember that setting:

  1. Your client will prompt with this question when an app window is shared - “Your app window has published. Does the app window appear correct on the display?
  2. "yes” will continue to give you the old way (default) and “no” will switch to the new method.
  3. Your client will remember your setting for that particular application and in the future and won’t need to ask again.

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