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Managing your Deakin email mailbox size

The way you store and manage mail in Outlook on both Mac and PC can have big impact on its performance. Below you can find some guidelines on how to keep Outlook on your workstation performing well.

To check your current email quota usage, please see How do I check my current Deakin email quota?


Reducing mailbox usage

The more mailbox space used, the more application pauses you may experience while you perform typical operations in Outlook. These typical operations include reading, moving, deleting and composing email messages.

Following are some tips for reducing your mailbox usage size:

  • Email links rather than attachments

    Instead of emailing shared documents as attachments, store them on a shared drive and email the link.
  • Remove attachments from mail messages

    Search through your email for any large or duplicate attachments. Save the attachments elsewhere like a file share or in your Documents folder then remove the attachment from the mail message
    How to identify and remove large email attachments
  • Archive mail

    Archive your email using the Export Exchange Mailbox tool. Once the mail has been successfully archived it can then be removed from your mailbox.
  • Delete anything you do not need

    Over time the Deleted and Sent items folders usually fill up with a large number of messages. It is good to periodically go through these folders and clear out messages you no longer need. If the messages are important and need to be kept, move them to another folder and delete the rest.
  • Setup a shared mailbox

    Do you have a lot of shared mail? Do many people in your workgroup receive common mail from a distribution list? For example, your area may be subscribed to a distribution list where many people receive the same copy of a message in their mailbox. This puts extra load on the server and your own personal Outlook. It is far more efficient to request for a shared mailbox to be setup. This allows all the mail to be in one place and centrally managed.
  • Setup rules

    Setup rules to automatically filter mail into different folders. For example, you may get a lot of mail from a certain email address. A rule could be setup to move this mail into its own specific folder automatically which will stop it filling your Inbox.


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