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How do I send a file via instant message in Lync?

Lync allows you to transfer a file to a contact via an instant message or as a downloadable attachment in an online meeting.

Additional Information: There following limits apply when transferring files via Lync.

  • File size is limited to less than 30MB
  • File transfers that exceed 10 minutes may fail
The following file types are BLOCKED from transfer via Lync at Deakin: .ade .adp .app .asp .bas .bat .cer .chm .cmd .com .cpl .crt .csh .exe .fxp .grp .hlp .hta .inf .ins .isp .its .js .jse .ksh .lnk .mad .maf .mag .mam .maq .mar .mas .mat .mau .mav .maw .mda .mdb .mde .mdt .mdw .mdz .msc .msi .msp .mst .ocx .ops .pcd .pif .pl .pnp .prf .prg .pst .reg .scf .scr .sct .shb .shs .tmp .url .vb .vbe .vbs .vsd .vsmacros .vss .vst .vsw .ws .wsc .wsf .wsh

To send a file in an instant message

  1. Open Lync.
  2.  Click the Instant Message icon on a contact to start an instant message.

    An instant message window opens allowing you to start an instant message conversation with the contact.
  3.  To share a file, click the Share Content icon.
  4.  Select the Attachments tab.
  5.  Click the Insert File icon.

    Browse and select the file to transfer then click Open.
  6.  Press Enter to send the file.
    The file is sent as an instant message attachment. Click Cancel to stop the file transfer.

    The recipient will receive an option to Open or Save the file attachment.

To receive a file in an instant message

 Start or accept a Lync instant message conversation.

  1. The file attachment will appear in the message.
  2. Click Open to download and open the file, or Save to save the file to your computer.


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