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What is a Virtual Meeting Point (VMP)?

A Virtual Meeting Point (VMP) allows multiple participants to connect to each other via video conference, without the need to have the video conference pre-scheduled. There are many ways to connect to a Virtual Meeting Point; including the use of Skype for Business (Lync) on a computer or mobile device, a dedicated video conference unit located in an office or teaching space, or an integrated video conference system in a lecture theatre.

VMPs are great for the following situations:

  • You do not know the exact start or end time of a video conference (adhoc meetings).
  • You do not know if participants will be joining via video or telephone.
  • You're not exactly sure who will be joining.
  • Participants need to join and/or leave the meeting at different times.

If you are organising a meeting via VMP, you need to do the following:

  1. Book the rooms - whether they are centrally bookable or booked via Exchange.
  2. Book the VMP - this way you can easily see when your VMP is going to be used. If you are the owner of a VMP resource in Exchange, you are able to manage this online.
  3. Provide participants with information on how to join the VMP.
  4. Ensure that all participants dial into the VMP. A videoconference organised via VMP will not start automatically.

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